February 4th, 2015

I have been a little remiss in posting….partly because I post to Facebook as well.  I am able to send pictures that way ….off my phone.  Anyway because I know a lot of people do not do Facebook, I thought I should bring the rest of you up to date with all that has been happening here.

Saturday January 31st, Max left Guayabitos for home in Victoria and back to work….poor girl!  She was here for 2 weeks.  I am pretty sure she had a good time.  It is a different sort of vacation place than the one I spent with my family on the other coast. This is the real Mexico.  A little rough around the edges to be sure.

From a post I made to Facebook later the day she left….”On the beach this morning, there was another loss of life….a nineteen year Mexican boy.  Sad!!!  Apparently most of the Mexican nationals that come here for vacation from the interior, don’t know how to swim.  There is a strong undertow here always and ……the red flag was up.”  The next day I read that there had been another, a 16 year old, that lost his life to drowning the day before.

Just as Max was leaving, the weather started to change….actually the last couple of days had been cloudy while she was here….warm but cloudy.  Carol H. had posted a picture that day that she took showing the temperature as being 91.2 F (33C, I think) as the high. But then the rains came and came and came…..4.5 inches in less than 4 days.  But now the sun is back out.  Yeah!!!

This morning I finally made it to line dancing….under a big palapa…….about 2 kms down the beach (and 2 kms back).  Carol H. and I were there along with about 20 others.  A lot of the ladies are from BC and a lot from Quebec.  That gals that teach are from Quebec.  There doesn’t seem to be any from the States.  Of course the American government scares the crap out of their citizens about how scary it is down here.  Not!!!  We walked again later…..the other way….probably another 3 kms.

If you do Facebook you can see the sunset pictures I posted tonight.  Beautiful!!! Sorry but cannot seem to be able to post them here.

2 thoughts on “February 4th, 2015

  1. Rae Holmes

    Hi Gail, I just read a note from Lin about your place being up for rent after you leave. So I’m going to take it. This way Lin doesn’t have to worry about whether Jacks son is still going to be here and bonnie is wanting to come down again and stay with her, so things are a changing. I knew it would happen. looking forward to it. hugs


  2. Heather

    Hey Gail….you could always email any spectacular pics from your iPhone. Terrible about the drownings. You’ve certainly been exposed to some dramatic things down there…the boat and now this. Stay safe on those long walks on the sand and enjoy! We have rain and more rain this week…with spurts of sun, so you aren’t missing anything. 13C sometimes, so spring isn’t that far away.



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