January 28th in Guayabitos

Oh my God!!!  Max and I were walking the beach when she said “what’s with that boat”?  I looked ….. Not too far out from shore was one of the tour/fish boats with passengers on board. It was hard to tell if they were in trouble because the boat would disappear in between the roller waves (they were pretty high).  Anyway, I am not sure exactly how many were on board ……maybe 10 or 12. They were bailing and the young man skippering was waving to get attention of the people on the beach (as well as bailing). Then before long the boat turned turtle throwing everyone on board, into the ocean.  People were screaming as they went over and when they were in the water.  They seemed to all have life jackets on and the water is not cold so they wouldn’t suffer from hypothermia. Several guys from shore, grabbed boards and whatnot, swimming toward the boat. Before long… I’d say within 6-7 minutes there were other boats arriving to rescue everyone. We (the people on the beach) think that all the people were rescued and headed back with them in another boat, towards the other end of the beach. After that, many guys from the may boats, tried repeatedly, to right it. Finally they were successful and another boat towed them in towards Los Ayala. Oh my…. It certainly  created some very scary, terrifying minutes for us and I am sure, for the people that were expecting a lovely day out on the ocean…. Maybe to see whales or whatever.  Excitement in paradise. Today was not a boring day.

1 thought on “January 28th in Guayabitos

  1. Heather

    All caught up now on your blog, Gail. You DO know how to live! Have a cool one for me, too, please. Are you happy with your digs? Are you in a hotel, condo or apt?
    Cheers, Heather



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