January 17/15

Maxine and I left Victoria at about 7 am this morning. I sure wished that I had not woken up at 12:30 am and remained that way for 2 hours. I finally drifted off only to have the alarm go off an hour later. I think that I will sleep tonight. Incidentally the flight was extremely bumpy but atleast the landing was a whole lot better than the last one I was on. Yeah!  I heard later from my son, that in Victoria on Sunday morning that the winds were so bad that it knocked out the power. Lucky they had a generator so that they could watch the game. Probably it was the same system that causes the rocky flight to SFO.

After going through customs in San Francisco & rechecking our checked baggage, we went in search of what gate we were to go to, then decided that this trip to the sun was ready to start cuz it must be 5 o’clock somewhere. Oh my….. $11US for a glass of wine, about 8 for a glass of draft and over 7 for 2 small bottles of water. Do you think those prices have anything to do with being a captive audience???

Arrived at PVR on time and with a smooth landing. Again yeah!!!  A poor overtired little boy screamed for 3 of the 3.5 hour flight. That was not so good.

Hector met us at the airport along with my friend Carol H’s granddaughter Jessica. I was totally shocked to see her there. I did not know beforehand that she was here. They together, waited another little while for Belinda (another friend) and friends, to arrive from Comox so Hector’s brother drove us in.  We are both staying at Villas Las Mariposas where my friend Linda B. is (and others will follow).

Sunday the 18th of January, Max and I started off down to the end of the beach.  Along the way, we ran into Belinda and Larry. By the time we got to the end of the beach, it was time for my first, “world famous” strawberry margarita at Alicia’s, this year. They are sooooo good.  Could be dangerous if having more than one.  We also stopped along the way, to meet Kathy, a lady friend of Lol and Dave’s from Princeton and Blythe, CA. Also checked to see if Derek and Sheldon were here this year from Creston, BC.   And they were. I have a story that goes with those 2 but it’s too long to go into here. Small world!  Later we went to see Jack and Donnie play at Marlenne’s. They were as usual, a great duo doing lots of country and some rock. Carol C…….we were thinking that you would be enjoying this.  We stayed for probably the best (back) ribs ever. Oh my!!!

Monday we trekked through the “residential zone” to the “Monday market” in Guayabitos. Did not buy anything there. From there we went in search of the carcineria (meat market), fruiteria (for veggies) and grocery store with alcohol. Remember we are on foot. We walked part way back on the street but then headed back down to the beach thinking it would be easier. Duh!!! Remember we are packing all this stuff. After unloading groceries at “home”, we ventured a little way to Marlenne’s to have quesadillas and micheladas and then went the other way on the beach…. through the river (it was almost non-existent….low tide) and along the beach on the other side. Then up along the malacon in La Penita. Wow…. Very nice! It was not here the last time I was here. Before I got here the last time (3 years ago), from the storms, sand and boats had washed half way up the streets into La Penita, so building this malacon, it was probably a preventative as well as an aesthetic measure. We stopped in at Hyndi y Hymes for a beer and to say hello to Patty and Jorge. Typically I am not memorable but Bob A. and Belinda were so they remembered Bob and said that Belinda had already been in.  We went by Bill and Roe’s but they we playing darts and Sergio was not at his office either. Then we trekked over the “Bridge of Life” (built by gringos I am told, to stop the pedestrian deaths on the highway). Then, to show Max the beautiful homes in the Residential Zone. Back to home part way on the beach. OMG were we done in by the time we got back. I wonder how many kms we actually walked?  We were on our feet pretty much all day. After a drink and some cut up veggies for dinner, it was sack time at about 8 am. I am getting my sleep for sure. It is so nice hearing the crashing waves all day and night, long.

Incidentally we saw the most beautiful, huge jelly fish I had ever seen, on our walk back from La Penita.  The centre was like a flower…. outlined in pink. If I can’t post the picture here, check FB. I know I can do that.

Today, Tuesday the 20th …… We have decided to take the day off.  Just going to sit on the beach and read and write this blog.  Linda came by and told us that we are invited to Lana and Donnie’s for dinner. That should be nice.  While sitting down in the beach…. Max got pooped on by one of the many murettes flying above. I hear that’s supposed to be a sign of good luck.

Will write more later.

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  1. PamelaTravelBlog

    Hey there, great description of your day! Thanks …. To post pic go to bottom right corner and click to add photos from your camera. Have fun! See you when you get back and will enjoy the blog as you continue your great winter vacations! Ciao bella, Pamela



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