Update to my travel blog March 6/15

As I mentioned previously, Carol and I and sometimes her granddaughter, would go line dancing twice a week with the ladies from Quebec. We also walked atleast 5 kms everyday so except when the tide was in and we had to walk the beach that had a steep slope on it, my knees and hips got a bit of a work out and so they/I felt better. The heat probably helped. 

One day i went on a excursion to Marietta’s Island. Very cool island with a hole in the middle of it that in order to get to it you had to snorkel to. There was some pretty marvellous looking fish. From there we toured around some of the other islands and saw some blue-footed boobies. I didn’t know what I was looking at when I took the pictures. Very cool. 

I spent the next 3 days if I remember correctly, hiding out cuz I was very ill. That was not caused from the boat ride. I do not get sea sick. Guess I got some kind of bug. So did I whole lot of other people around that time. 
On the 14th, Elden arrived….. Very pale but it sure didn’t take him long to brown up.

On the 24th if February, 175+ people went out on the party boat. It was a fundraiser for the orphanage in PV. For 200 pesos or $17 CAD you got entry onto the boat for a 3 hour fun time cruise plus one drink. The band… Jack, Donnie and Jim (I think his name was) played for free, contributed a shirt for raffle, 3 bottles of tequila and 1rum were contributed by someone else.  Don’t know who…. For raffling and of course more drinks were sold. Thanks to Wisconsin John, Carol and the rest of the ticket sellers, the orphanage receive 33,000 pesos. They were very happy. Thank you also to all the people that came on board ….probably 95% Canadian snowbirds. 

 On the 24th, Bob A. arrived to stay in La Penita at Hector’s and Rae arrived to stay with me for a few days. 

The day I flew out of PV for home….. Saturday, I walked down the beach to Alicia’s for one last time and had 1 more of Koral’s to-die-for Strawberry Margaritas.,.,, but had 2. And best of all…. All the friends met me down there to send me off. Rae, Elden, Phil, Carol, Jessica, Linda, Jack, Bob A., Chris, Bert, Daryl, and a few others joined us but I don’t know there names. I didn’t know this was going to happen.  Nice eh?  

I came home Sunday morning about at about 1am. ….. Sick again….. With a ton if things to do including appointments and especially seeing my family. Now I am on the plane on the way to Rio with stops in Seattle and Atlanta. Here comes our Oceania Amazon cruise for the next 3 weeks, with 14 women including myself.  

Stay tuned. 

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