Wellton, AZ Dec. 22/14

From Wellton AZ

Nothing too much or should I say, different than everyday since I have come down here, has happened. I think that by Christmas Day we have golfed 22 times….. out of a possible 27 days. This, in no way means I got better at the game but it does mean I walked 18 (short) holes every one of those days so I don’t think I have gained (haven’t lost either).  I’m a only a little browner than when I left. That could be because you don’t get a lot of direct sun when you start golfing before the sun comes up…lol.

Every Saturday is “Fun Day” at the the golf course for the RV park.  Last week our team placed 3rd and won $3 each.  Wow, eh?  Thursdays are ladies day…..also a best ball type thing but if they ever say that it will be “dice game”  quit while you are ahead.  You take the drive from the corresponding team member  or if you roll 5, its the best ball or 6 is the worst.   That would have been my team this last week.  OMG if it wasn’t for bad luck we would have had no luck at all.  Ugly!!!!!
The other thing that happens every single day around here is happy hour……. that usually starts right after golf and continues for not one but several hours.
Yesterday we all had a beautiful Christmas dinner at the clubhouse… I think the number there was 138 . The park provided the turkey, dressing and gravy. A toast to the volunteers….. Everyone else brought potluck. Yum!!!
We have been to Algodones once only. Got a couple of things….. Nothing too exciting. Once to the outdoor market. Again didn’t spend much. I went into the Foothills once on my own to see my friends Noreen and Bryan.  And today we will go in… to get groceries…. for our Christmas dinner……. Guests will include our buddy John (other buddy Bud went to Vegas to be with his daughter and family), Cheryl and hubby Woody from Red Deer and Lou and I. Other friends Kim and Mel from 100 Mile House left yesterday morn. We will miss them and are missing Bud. So much fun we have all had.

Other friends I have met and hope to meet again are Iris and Don, Al and Sharon, Barry and Minnie (they are boon-dockers over the highway past Coyote Wash).

On Boxing Day we will leave here for Mesa for an overnight stay at a friend of Lou’s.  I catch the plane home at some ungodly hour of the morning (6:45) and so will be home by 1:13pm.  And then …..a retirement party to attend to and prep for the next trip….with my family.

What a winter!  Love my life!

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