Dec. 29th…..Back in Victoria

I arrived back in Victoria on the 27th….to beautiful sunny day.  Most of yesterday was sunny as well.  What a nice way to return!  It was such a long day though……up at 3am MST or 2 PST for a flight that left Phoenix at 6:45.  From there to San Francisco for a 3 hour layover that became 4 hours…..arriving back here…late of course.

It is so good to see my family……staying with Dayton and Dianne for this week.   Visited with Brandon, Colleen and my two grandkids Jaxon and baby B (Beckett)….who is not a baby anymore, yesterday,.  Love those guys to bits! Then……..

I went to my friend Carol Crabb’s retirement party.  Congratulations Carol!  I almost don’t believe it.  Lots of people, yummy food and drinks.

The rest of the week I have a bunch of running around to do before leaving on Saturday for the Mayan Riviera with my family.  I am really looking forward to that.  I am sure they are all too.

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