Dec. 8/14 Wellton, AZ

Golfing everyday…. Usually around 7 am. Saturday there was the RV park’s “fun” day…… not at 7 tho’. The team I played on placed 3rd. We each won $3.  After golf yesterday Lou and I went into the outdoor market in Yuma. I got a long loose dress which I later wore to a birthday party….. for Don, hubby of Iris. What a character she is!!!  Nothing is held back.
Today it was golf again at 7 ….. With our 2 favourite guys, Bud and John.  Later we all went to the VFW for hamburgers ……added along Minnie and Barry from High River….. Great couple. Met them last year too.

3 thoughts on “Dec. 8/14 Wellton, AZ

  1. Rae

    Hi girl, haven’t seen any new news so hopefully everything is still going well. I will leave you a message on gmail for other stuff. take care. hugs


  2. Louise Leaker

    Hi, Gail. Sounds like you are golfing daily at the crack of dawn. I know it’s all about missing the heat but it is still pretty darn early! Ted did not get elected treasurer for 2015; Jim Dumont had a substantial win. I’m happy as it means Ted will have more time at home. He will be doing the membership in the coming year but does not expect to be spending hours every week doing that. He also promised Ann that he will continue to input data for the accounting program since neither Jim nor the new president, Lorraine Salkus, are able to do that job and Ann doesn’t have time.
    I’m sure you’re having a great time but we miss you. Take care. Louise


    1. gailgrant49 Post author

      I’d say it is a blessing that he was not elected to that position. That leaves more time for the two of you……very important don’t you think?

      And thanks for saying that about missing me. I miss you all too and I miss dancing. Haven’t done that AT ALL.




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