Feb 9/23- Monteverdi to La Fortuna

Oh my, the roads are so steep & twisty….. so mountainous! It’s got to be extremely difficult for the cattle to graze on the side of the hills (their legs one side of their bodies are longer than the other so they don’t tip over..,,, lol!). As walking would be. You’d be constantly hiking. The driver is driving 1st gear most of the time when climbing. Where we climbed up to Monteverdi, we are now basically descending though.l

We stopped for snacks and bathroom brake at same place as before. This time (for the benefit of others that went through here 4 years ago) there were no ducks in the pond and no parrots in the rafters outside.

Arenal Lake is an artificial lake. (1975) Before, the water ran off toward the Caribbean side but now it diverted into the lake where it was then directed toward the Pacific side with 2 dams to produce electricity. It is then diverted into canals that water the farms on that side off the country.

20% geothermal electricity produced from Miravalles volcano.

We drove through an area that has even more wind than we have been experiencing (mountain pass that channels the wind) and so has many wind turbines.

Between 20s & 50s a lot of the country was deforested for farming. What remained became protected by becoming National Parks. The govt then began paying farmers to allow the land to return to forests. Now 65% of the country is covered by forests

After having a late lunch we taxied to Los Lagos to soak in the many natural hot pools……pools naturally heated by one of the volcanoes. The higher the pool, the hotter the temperature. Even the lower one, the one with a swim up bar, pretty darn hot. There were several slides that travel through tunnels and hot water shaped volcano, etc. Jaxon had a great time. Unfortunately because we were in the water, I did not have my camera or phone (should have brought my waterproof case but didn’t). One of the gals did. You should take a look at it on Google maps …. Los Lagos La Fortuna Costa Rica.

3 thoughts on “Feb 9/23- Monteverdi to La Fortuna

  1. Vivien

    Hola Chiquitita,
    happy to see your smiling face in those hot pools, they are wonder full.
    Are you hiking the volcanoes tomorrow?
    What an awesome experience getting to travel with your grandson, a life changing adventure he will carry with him the rest of his life. Enjoy. Hugs

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