Feb 10/23-La Fortuna

Some of us went to Cano Negro to see wildlife from a boat. Rebecca is our guide.

Rebeca was our guide on the bus. She shared guiding on the boat with Joshua. They were so informative…. They were the way guides are supposed to be.

There is no hunting at all in Costa Rica . Jaguars have been spotted 3 times in last 6 months in the area we are going so we’ll see if we are so lucky.

If being chased by an alligator run zigzag cuz they can’t run that way.

Apparently there are gasbar fish in the river. They can get up to 1.5 metres. They have been in existence since the time of the dinosaurs. Hope we see one.

On our way we passed a spot where there were well over 50+ iguanas in the bushes. Did you know that they can lose their tails twice. If they are attacked they can shed their tails. Pineapple has to be planted by hand. Cacique Guaro (said something like Cassica)… Costa Rican rum made from sugar cane.

Going to be near Nicaragua so we need to carry passport in case we are. Stopped to be checked by police. The area we are going to is in the dry lowlands.

Iron in the soil (red colour) protects the produce from fungus that is caused by humidity.

School year is Feb to July when have 15 days off, then back until December.

As we started through the area.

I will be posting mostly my pictures but some will be from Carl Sayers. He has a way better camera and equipment than I do. I will identify his as per his request.

Mutated howler monkey ….. orange …. Sort of like an albino but the eyes and skin are not affected as if albino. They are not black and so not camouflaged. They are kicked out of troupe but this one was sort of adopted by another. He’s about 9 years old…. Wrinkles on the face apparently

Cayman… temperature of egg cause sex of baby. If they are too hot they become make females. Because of the higher temps lately, there are more females than males

Male green iguana turns orange to attract female during mating season, then goes back to grey green colour.

Spider monkeys troup… females are the alpha. They are largest monkeys in country. At night they hang by their tails. The new world ones their tail joints lock so they don’t fall.

Yellow crowned night heron

Did not see the howler monkeys but could smell them…. That is their poop…. smells somewhat similar to marijuana.

Anhinga…. Female brown throat

Spider monkeys picking bugs off each other

Capuchin monkeys…. Caymans and iguanas are afraid of them. They also eat baby howlers

Saw blue morph butterfly. It’s is not blue but is brown so birds cannot see them.

Red-slider turtle

50 litre of sugar cane juice… become 20 litre molasses after boiling 8 hours

Machine used to crush the juice from the sugar cane p

Leftovers used for feed for cattle, compost and fire wood.

Liquor is “contrabando” cuz 60% alcohol. That sold is called chirate

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