Feb 7/23 -Quepos to Monteverde

Marcelo is our driver today and ….whoohoo we have wifi on the bus!

The port of Caldera near Puntarenas is the country’s 2nd largest port. It is used for off-loading freight for transport across the country to Puerto Limon where it is loaded back onto freighters as a cost effective way around using Panama Canal. It is also a stop for cruise ships.

40,000 hectares Monteverde preserves… only so much for public for public or commercial use

Santa Elena is the name of the town where we are staying

90% of the people are involved with tourism… most tourist businesses are owned by Costa Ricans

We are staying at the same hotel as where Linda, Jeanette and I stayed before although I didn’t recognize the name before getting here. More rooms/ buildings have been added and the gardens expanded. Where else would you see rows of big beautiful dark red amaryllis’?

We all got dropped off down town to get lunch and where most of the group….13 of 16 (Jax and I decided not to) were picked up to go do the canopy walk. (Those that went said they only saw the clouds they were in). But J and I walked back up, up, up the hills to the hotel…over 5000 steps (3kms) and counting but 22 flights……training for climbing mountains in Uganda…..we’ll see. My glutes are talking to me.

Eventually ended up with 8100 steps …4.88 kms and 39 flights. Yesterday…9763 steps….6 kms (only 1 flight); Sunday….6612..about 4 kms (6 flights), Saturday…7746 or 4.88 kms and 1 flight and the day we mostly flew or were in airports …7258 or 4.65 kms and 3 flights.

Before dinner we all went for a night walk to see what insects and animals that we could find (with a guide of course).

After our dinner we returned to the hotel only to have one couple (Carmel & Herman) find a scorpion on the drape behind their bed. I think we all checked our rooms after that. Bob found a lizard & cockroaches. I guess they all come with the territory.

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