Feb 6/23- Quepos

This morning we went to Manuel Antonio National Park for a guide tour and then an hour visit to the beach that is only accessible from inside the park (no peddlers).

And then we went on a humongous catamaran. Jaxon went down the slide and went snorkelling with a lady from the group. She is a stronger swimmer than me while I watched. (My shoulder is not feeling very good). We had fruit snacks, dinner and drinks included. We stayed out long enough to watch the sun go down…. Beautiful!!!

10 thoughts on “Feb 6/23- Quepos

  1. Vivien

    Hola Gail, thanks for the memories. 💕I got all 3 posts this morning, pics are awesome! Looks like great CR weather for you, and the sunsets 🌅 are among the best in the world. R u going surfing / boogie boarding?
    Live la vida loca. 💚


  2. cressmad

    Hi Gail and Jaxon
    Your pics are wonderful and bring back good memories as you are in the same part of the country I visited many years ago. Enjoy every adventure!


  3. Judie

    OMG, Jaxon must be learning a ton and will have the travel bug.
    What a fantastic gift NaNa is living with the l’il one. It will be unforgettable.
    Proud of you gal!

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