Whoohoo…off on another trip

This Saturday, after 6 previous attempts, I am heading off to Australia and New Zealand…on November 12, 2022.

It was pointed out to me that some of you have not been able to read the descriptions that I had written under pictures, because they were in a vertical line one letter at a time…..crazy! Apparently, this happens if you read the “email” copy of my blog. If you click on the blue “gailstraveladventures” on the email notifying you that I had posted another entry, it will take you to the website and you should be able to get it the way I have written it.

Also, I find that it is “difficult” to comment on the website. If you wish to, please forward comments to me in an email……saves a lot of aggravation.

Anything else that is amiss, unless you inform me, I have no idea so please let me know.

I think I have told you all that I don’t profess to be a writer, that am copying my notes as told to me on tours. There maybe info that you already know but some maybe you did not…some funny stories told. I hope you enjoy coming along on my newest trip.

This is the mess I woke up to after last evening’s storm! This part is also a test.

13 thoughts on “Whoohoo…off on another trip

  1. Judie

    I’m so excited for you and proud you are doing this in your life.
    What a mess after the storm. Hope someone is looking after your abode.


  2. Gail

    As I was heading to bed last night I thought “get in touch with Gail to see if she’s on a trip” & woke to your message this a.m. are you on a tour or solo? How long are you away? Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures Gail. Bon voyage & stay safe!


  3. Carolyn Johnson

    SOOOOOOOO looking forward to your trip – I can hardly wait to see what we are missing – Jim’s cousin is in NewZealand and is seriously wanting us down there – sigh – some day! Have a GREAT adventure – be safe!!! Carolyn



    Gail I am looking forward to being on holiday with you in your blog.
    Thanks for stopping in on me. We will have to get together when you get home.

    Muriel 🐞



  5. Christine Russell

    Hi Gail

    Sorry to have missed you at the pool recently. Hope you are over your cold and healthy for your trip. I look forward to seeing your posts for your trip And hearing all about it. Safe travels Christine




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