Paris Aug. 30/22

We are off to Montmartre and Sacre Soeur. I certainly hope it is cooler today than yesterday. It was at 32C. yesterday

It was good to have gotten an Uber ride although the 7 minutes the app said it would take for one to come was way, way longer. It was all uphill. Coming back should be easy… all downhill.

This was a OMG moment at the Sacre Soeur….spectacular! My first impressing was that it reminded me of the “Taj Mahal”. Not any info but a good number of pictures.

There is a funicular as well that you can use. And the stairs… going down was easy…… not so much walking up…. OMG!!!

We continued down coming across the red light district….. unintentionally! Every other store was a sex shop, the buildings of course were run-downed. This is where the “Moulon Rouge” with the big red windmill was situated. But in the middle of this was a lovely pedestrian walkway down the middle of the street, lined with trees.

Another time I would gladly come back here to Paris and investigate more of the museums particularly.

We chatted with a couple of gals originally from San Francisco. One (Janice) was presently living at the foot of the Italian Alps with her Italian husband. The other (Chris) was heading to a month at a chateau in Normandy. That…… sounds like something the Womens Travel group should be interested in.

Oh yes…it was only slightly less hot at 30 C

Correction on something I wrote a couple days back…..Marie Antoinette was not beheaded at the Corciergerie but only held in prison there. She with the 2500 or so others, were beheaded at the Concorde Square, where the blood ran in rivers to the Seine below. Nice, huh?

We are now safely home in Victoria, digesting all that we saw and did. Wow!!! And resting up for the next……

4 thoughts on “Paris Aug. 30/22

  1. Janie D. McCaw

    welcome home we are excited about the cruise from Rome to Athens in April May and ome week at the lemon farm and Adrienne and I are off to Tuscany for a week at another local living in Tuscany after that…so excited about the trip…its just so long to wait leaving Tues for Ont. my 50th nursing reunion Janie



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