Stockholm Aug. 21/22-old city,Vasa Museum and Sigtuna

Sviarika is the name of the country in Swedish. More than 50% of the country is forested. Concert hall is only 1/3 above ground to be more in tune with nature. Ambassadors row ….US ambassador’s residency. first, British, Korean, etc. all along the waterfront.

Vasa museum opened 1990.
Royal dramatic theatre with brass sculptures.
We pointed out the bank where Stockholm a syndrome came from. There are 100 subway stations.
Lake is 3 feet higher than Baltic Sea divided by bridge which we drove over and a lock. Earth is rising in Sweden 100 feet every 100 years since the ice age so every 100 years they have to redo the lock. There are 14 inhabited islands that make up Stockholm.
Looking at Baltic with royal hunting island across, old city on left.
Swedes are not opposed to buying secondhand. Liquor stores are government run only.
1/3 parks, 1/3 water and rest for buildings.
The fortunes of Alfred Nobel -the richest man in world at the time. When he died all his wealth (except 6?% to relatives) were invested and have been distributed ever since each year as the Nobel Prize.
I/3 of population left to go to North American after the war for economic reasons so housing is promised to everyone. After getting put on the list, you could wait 15-20 years.

Vasa ship raised in 1960-1 but the museum that was build to house it opened in 1990. The Vasa was 225 ft in length. It sank in 1628. When it sunk the masts showed above water because the water wasn’t very deep. They were ordered to cut off the masts so as to not show the disaster and admit mistake. The reason it sunk was that it was top heavy with not enough ballast. Cannon holes were too low…. too close to water line plus they forgot to shut the doors to cannons. 400 on board but 1/3 perished ??? They have recovered a number of skeletons. The ship was so well preserved because the salinity level was only 1.2%. It was the 1st double decker ship ever built.

1967 changed from left to right hand traffic. That was when they took out tracks for the trolley except for the island where Vasa is, old town and hunting park.
Walked through the old city, had a beer now off to Sigtuna.
Apparently there were homes with a flame above the door. That would indicated that you had fire insurance and so the fire department fight the fire. Otherwise they would let it burn. 480 day paid time off for the birth of a baby. $US 130 paid per month to parents from birth to 18. No property Taxes

Runes of Viking age and before. First capital of Sweden …..from 10th Century. Ruins of St Olafs church built
1100’s but what we see of the illage is all built in 16 &1700’s. Sweden was neutral during the war but was forced to sell iron and allow the use of their soil to Germany.
There are 400,000 moose in the country …too many so they try to keep it down to 300,000 so they kill 100,000 every year.
Less than 8% go to church, 2nd highest birth rate after Ireland… in Europe

Again…will send pictures later…. Off to Helsinki today.

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