Stockholm Aug. 20/22

Today we do a tour of City Hall and Lake Maelaren and then meeting up with two ladies we have met on previous trips.
Before arriving in port the area we travel through is dotted with an amazing number of island. It kind of reminds me of the Gulf Islands in BC or Portage Inlet but way more so. And there are cabins dotted all along the shoreline…. Very nice! I wasn’t expecting that. It must be “fun” for big ships to navigate these waters! And then there is drizzle!

The ship Vasa was built in 1622-28 …lasted 20 minutes before it sunk. But preserved because very low salt content of the water. It had 2 canon stacks which made it too heavy and not enough ballast. There are 40 islands & 60 bridges in Stockholm.
Iron is a major mineral near Lake Maelaren… has been exported since the Middle Ages.
It costs 100,000 euro per square meter for an apartment here.

City Hall … wow 1911-1923 Built in National Romanticist style….. inspired by Italian renaissance. It is mainly a political centre for the city but 1330 people can be served in main banquet (blue room that isn’t blue at all) hall for Nobel prizes. All local building materials are used in the building. Then up the low-rise stairs to the golden room. They are low so that the women can walk in high heels. When coming down you keep your eye on the star on the wall so that you walk gracefully down.

There are 4 islands to Old Town.
The rule of succession changed in late 20st century to oldest child instead of male heir.

Cruise of Lake Maelaren started near maritime museum, is beautiful natural like grounds. Nice houses for ambassadors and embassies but also rich people. Nothing new can be built now there. The Royal City Park was hunting grounds for the royals during the Middle Ages. Now the city park is used by more people than anywhere else in Stockholm. In 1912 rowing competitions were held here. It is a bird watching area.
You can see the old corn mill and on the other side there was once a blind and deaf school. There are massive amounts of apartments across from the school. Huge building on left is a retirement home. It looks like a palace. Fortress to right. “Old Town” from 1600’s, the water level was higher. Some are leaning 60-129 cms. Their is a difference in elevation between the lake and Baltic so in between there is a lock.

Ginkgo trees on the street we were driving on were planted to improve the air quality.
Olaf Palma prime minister was assassinated in 1986 coming from a cinema with his wife. It was never solved but closed because they believe the perpetrator is dead.
In 1523, Sweden gained independence from Denmark and 4 years later became Protestant.
1916 Olympics held here the building is the oldest standing Olympic stadium. … built in the romanticism style of city hall.

After returning from the tour, we meet up with the two ladies and one’s husband. We went back downtown to Old Town again but got a closer look. It is amazing. We had a wonderful time re-connecting . They treated us to dinner and drinks. And then successful got us back to the ship.

Having difficulty posting pictures so will try later….

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