More Malta… pictures plus..

In archaeological digs, they have found “smaller” prehistoric elephants and hippos in Malta so some believe Malta may have been connected to Europe at one time.

Not sure why … all kinds vacant abandon buildings around Golden Bay.

Beautiful arches!

Example of new buildings. …. mostly they are preserving all the old.

Every evening this old man spent some time fishing in the bay.

Notice the road coming down the hill as well as one going along the waterfront… crazy…. and they drive on the “wrong” side of the road. When turning the corner, Ron would very frequently say “you’ve got to be kidding”!

The church across the bay from where we stayed.

Pieta area

Valletta gates… entry into the capital. The one on the right is the original, the other is reconstructed!

Lots of agriculture on this side.

Prickly pear seen all over this island…. introduced from Mexico.

Big cotton growing country.

Churches in villages or small towns have 2 clocks….. the one on the right is the correct time, the one on the left is incorrect as to confuse the devil.

Fort. St Elmo, at the tip of the Valletta harbour(site believed to have been fortified since the Punic era…200 bc).

Ft. St. Elmo… entrance to Valletta harbour

The next step could be dangerous????

Local pastime… fishing from the dock….Valletta!

Local seagoing fish boat

Well worn!

Little boats quite willing to take you for a cruise around the harbour.

Well worn steps

We got off the bus at one of the fingers of this incredible harbour, where you can see oh so many sail boats and huge luxurious ocean going yachts and Ft. Angelo…. a fort that has survived sieges by the Ottoman Empire in 1565 and the other the Axis command in 1944.

More of these typical windows seen everywhere!

While sitting at a seaside eatery on opposite side of Valetta harbour, with umbrellas with the support off to one side set up to shade the customers. The granite support broke on one and the whole thing crashed down on the table but missing the two ladies sitting at it. Shocking!!!

Grapes are picked only from 5:30to 10… otherwise too hot.

Marsaxlokk is the lovely fishing village with bakery sweets and other tourist trinket markets….. is also a LNG and other container port.

There are six grottos for scuba diving incl. blue grotto.

There doesn’t seem to be any stray dogs and next to no livestock… odd!

The roads are very bad outside towns.

I left the next morning bound for London, Vancouver and home to Victoria for knee surgery. Ron, on the other hand was just starting his incredible journey…. heading east. Thanks for sharing!

1 thought on “More Malta… pictures plus..

  1. Marion Cheesman

    I just finished looking at your pics and comments from your Barcelona and Malta trip. It was great! Lots of interesting pictures and comments. Thanks for sharing. Marion

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