Malta hop on Nov. 4 & 5/19

We took a hop on bus from our location at St. Julians Bay to Sliema to start a tour of the upper part of the island. This is a gorgeous harbour with magnificent yachts.

Valetta, is an absolutely stunning harbour that we checked out the next day. It is one of the few surviving inhabited walled cities in the world and is a UNESO world heritage site. It was started by the Knights of the Order of St. John in 1568.

We stopped at Mosta with its domed church, is the third largest unsupported dome in Europe. It survived a direct hit from a bomb (unexploded) during WW2 for which the pilot later apologized for.

Mdina (meaning walled city), was the capital before Valletta, has been inhabited since 700 BC by Phoenicians then in 218 BC by the Romans.

Mdina as seen from a distance

Ron talking to this horse… he really had the horse falling in love with him …. funny!!!

Me entering the gates of Mdina

I don’t recall ever seeing this kind of iron cages on the “windows”

Talk about a tight squeeze… horse drawn carriage and a car passing each other on a decidedly narrow street to begin with.

Beautiful bougainvillea…. and Ron.

Beautiful narrow lanes of Mdina

You could see the enemy coming for miles from this viewpoint in Mdina

60,000 people were killed in the region in a earthquake in 1692 ad. The vast majority of buildings had to be rebuilt

There have been prehistoric excavation of ruins in Mgarr from 3500bc and another from 5000bc.

St. Paul’s Bay…

Typical boat of Malta

Chapel to honour St. Paul who was shipwrecked here in 60AD

St. Paul’s Bay

Not sure why … all vacated abandon homes around Golden Bay

Prickly pear seen all over this island…. introduced from Mexico.

Salt flats at Bugibba.

More pictures to follow….

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