Vienna, Austria-May 8/19

Neo-franscisco church near the river and where we were moored, is the English speaking Catholic Church of Vienna shown below .

There are 4 channels to the Danube River.

Vienna (Wien ) is named after Wien River

46% of area of Vienna is green or parkland

68% of country is mountainous.

There are 5000 employees at the palace of Hapsburg’s, Shohenbaum. They can apply to live there.

Beware of cyclists…. no respect for anyone. Sounds like Victoria cyclists.

This is the day of “liberation of concentration camps”

Work week is now 12hour/day brought in by the new government that is like Trump ……called “Liberal”…. not!!!

1/3 of housing is social housing.

“Monument Against War and Fascism” near the palace where 400 buried in bomb shelter. They just left them in place…..below!

St Augustine is the church of Hapsburgs.

19 courtyards, 3000 rooms,

St. Augustine Church…..belonging to Hapsburgs

Lipizons …4 of 5 born black or brown but change to white at 3-4 yrs. None are females… only male.

Leaving in front of the palace are 2000 year Roman ruins

Graben means most. In the area around St. Stephen Cathedral has all the very posh stores like Chanel, Massimo Dutti and Tiffany. Funny that the name of the street is Graben.

Self cleansing tiles on roof of St. Stephens . The Cathedral itself is made of soft limestone. It turns dark from pollution. The north spire is a metre higher. There are 10,000 catacombs under.

The Sky of Stones…..very cool!

70% of energy is environmentally clean.. mostly from water.

The worlds first giant Ferris wheel!

From one extreme to the other….the.very to the ultra modern

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