Dürnstein-May 7/19

What a gorgeous quaint little town. Probably my favourite! No guide, just me walking through it!

The castle where Richard the Lion-hearted was kept imprisoned

Path up into the vineyards

The path to the castle

Inside courtyard… cars parked behind those doors

The view near the end of the road inside the town. Below is a highway that goes right under the town

Me outside the lovely town of Dürnstein

The “gate” at the entrance… that’s a road!

The view of the Danube coming down out of the village… on my way back to the boat.

Just leaving Dürnstein but all along this waterway, I have never seen so many swans. This spot had close to a dozen…. together

2 thoughts on “Dürnstein-May 7/19

  1. Rae

    You look like you’re cold but you have sandals on, what’s up. Haha. The houses do look like they are falling apart. But really interesting .


    1. gailgrant49 Post author

      Actually considering the age of the buildings (like 500+/- years old) …..with the exception of the castle, it is quite intact. If you want to see crumbling, stay tuned.
      The weather for the most part, was less than stellar but I was seriously sick at this point. That is probably why I am bundled up looking cold.



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