Rothenburg…May 2/19

Wurzburg, where the boat stopped has a population of 130,000 (but I went to Rothenburg).

Xray machine was invented here.

90 % destroyed in 17 minutes by 238 planes just before the end of war.

Marinburg Palace on hill in Wurzburg. The fortress in current shape was built in 15th century and finished 16th, however area has been fortified already in 1000 BC by celtics.

Marinburg Castle

In 1156 Barbarossa “red beard” married in this church

There are 45,000 churches of just Catholic and Protestant, in Germany

1/4 of population burnt for witchcraft by .

18 years ago it was discovered that people were using salad oil… (canola) for diesel. There is a lot of canola grown here.

Price is 1.42/ litre/ € reg gas ($2.15 CAD/ litre)

38 percent of energy in Germany is renewable. …solar farms, wind turbines even though they only get 65 days of sun/year. 2024 is the year they hope to be free of fossil and nuclear fuels.

It costs 4,000€/ yr hunting lesson… high seats

19% tax on everything except 7% on food

In Rothenburg only 3000 live inside city walls although it is a very large city. That is partly because the accommodations upstairs have to be accessed through the main floor of a business that is not necessarily run by the owner of the building.

They had a sort of “go fund me” after the war to help pay for repair walls. In the wall there are the names of people from around the world that contributed and how much of it….. as in 1 metre or 10 m.

Slots on tower are toilets

Tower inside… 1200’s was hospital … ran by catholic monks

Heritage designation on all buildings here so if there are any update, it has to be restored to same.

Only wrought iron sign holders allowed… no Las Vegas here.

One of the towers of Rothenburg

Crooked house

A sign on a well…..from 1385

Do you think this may be a Christmas store???

Store sign…. example of wrought iron with helmet from Middle Ages

Rothenburg street

What is so unique about this city is the wall that surrounds it . It provides a wonderful view of the city as myself and 2 other ladies from Victoria found out.

On the Rothenburg wall

Looking down onto a back street.

The stairs leading down from the wall

Peephole for keeping an eye out for the enemy and shooting from

Rooftops…. see the cathedral in the distance

2 thoughts on “Rothenburg…May 2/19

  1. Connie Hucul

    That is the most interesting city! Have fond memories of visiting there and reciting the town and river name in German, even today! Doesn’t take much to amuse me!!


  2. Rae

    Red Beard hey. That’s cool. It’s very interesting how these towns have managed to stay in the old days for all these years . We don’t have much of the old days left in Victoria. Very pretty. And definitely not Vegas

    Liked by 1 person


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