Miltenberg and Wertheim


May 1/19

As we travel south, we noticed that the rows of grapevines on the hillsides have changed direction. Now they are what we would expect….horizontal. Previously they were running up and down….. not so good for erosion, one would think.

Glassblower….takes 4.5 years to get degree, has degree for scientific glassblower…as in for labs.

Miltenberg is called the Pearl. Only 10,000 population. No bombing during war so it is intact.

Engelplatz (angels plaza) at 4pm meeting … at the maypole. A big building called “Rathaus”….. the city hall. Pretty funny!!!

Bridge built in 1900 sponsored by twin sisters but destroyed by Hitler in ‘45 but rebuilt exactly the same.

More damage in the “30 years war” 1618-1648 when a lot was destroyed… fighting between Protestants and Catholics.

“Staircase” building belonged to bishop. It’s from 14th century.

“Rest easy and sleep like a bear” is a sign outside of a hotel.

Across from Rathaus was a Franciscan monastery built because the bishop thought the citizens were being just too noisy and rambunctious in the Engelplatz.

The Protestant church up the hill was built in 19th century but city did not change from Catholic. .

1581 timber building was built using beams and only wooden pegs..the mortar between the beams was a mix of dung, clay, straw and water. Amazing….. they have lasted for over 500 years.

In the 16 & 17th century Miltenberg had witch trials and executions.

The oldest hotel in Germany called the Reisen or giant. … ugly faces on exterior facade to keep nasty people out. FYI …Elvis stayed here too.

“Staircase” building belonged to bishop. It’s from 14th century.

One of the ugly faces… this one of a female gossip… not big ears and big lips/mouth

The oldest hotel in Germany called the Reisen or giant. .

Guild sign of the butcher


High river flood marks on the buildings

So many interesting doors…

Miltenberg market square

Another interesting door

On the carmel coloured building, above the door shows the “guild” …..of butcher.

Apothecary was here for 500 years but closed 2 years ago.

Oldest house in Miltenberg built in 1333. Everything about it is not straight including floors.

Joseph Martin Krause born in 1700 same as Mozart..musician statue in market square.

This day is the a holiday….the “1st of May”… “labour”day, so nothing except coffee shops and a couple of tourist places.


Castles in Europe were all built in 12th or 13th century.

We drove through a little town that has existed since 1611.

Bike trails along highway like the “Galloping Goose”. Lots of “caravans” or RV parks. Reminds us of the island.

As we drove in we can see the magnificent, huge castle built in 1117.

Protestant town run by a Count not a bishop. To keep religious peace one had to become Protestant or leave. Problem came later when there the only heirs were sons-in-law. One was catholic and one was Protestant. They then had to share the same church. That didn’t work out well.

There used to be a large Jewish population at time of war. Germany changed the names of street (which later the signs were reposted with both names. They also took down the synogogue.

Apparently in Germany, all grade 8 students as part of their curriculum, must take the history of what happen during Hitler and Nazis…WW2. They must also go to a concentration camp to see what was done so that it is never repeated.

Castle built from 1117

Example of the street sign…. The newer name from Nazi time above, the one below… the original “Jewish” name

This roof is definitely in need of repairs

Photo of flooding in streets of Wertheim

Machine on street selling tubes for bicycles

Museum of “Old” stuff

Wonderful narrow street of Wertheim. In this house…. the highest set of windows were placed there so the owner could see what was going on down the street…. nosy!!!

Home of Lina Klaus, a Jewish woman and the date when she was taken away to the concentration camp

House that the owner thought the people would be jealous of because it was so y’all and beautiful

Seen in a shop, these cute children’s faces on these cups

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