Puerto Montt… March 8/19

6.5 feet rain just a few kilos away but here today beautiful day here sunny but a very windy rocky ride on tender.

Northern entrance or exit to Patagonia….land of extremes.

No natives or Spaniards in this area. Chilhue means the land of sea gulls. It is the second largest Island in SA after Terra Del Fuego. There the natives sided with Spaniards and consider themselves Chilhuan first.

A large percentage of people have “SADs” and are bi-polar. They helped to change that by adding multiple colours on their homes.

Large agricultural lands.

Almost no unemployment in this area. Germans settled here. It is spotless, no crime, no garbage no bars on the window. They may have burnt all the trees but they are proud of how clean and crime free it is. 300000 of 1 million are of German heritage.

Only 16% now are Catholic.

120 year life on shingles made from trees similar to redwoods of California called “Alerce”.

Puerto Varas is a lovely clean town beautiful views over the lake at the spectacular volcanos….3. One dormant, one active and one extinct.

Natives like those around the world gave an intolerance of alcohol. Many of inhabitants have a problem with alcohol… not drugs. There is 0% tolerance for drinking and driving.

Milk and biproducts, Potatoes 6-8 varieties & Sugar beets used to feed animals in winter.

Lots of rain but moderate 19-20 C in summer usually but now with El Niño up to 80F. Rarely freezes in winter.

2nd exporter of fish after Norway.

Orsorno volcano… magnificent…. 200 craters… dormant … Puerto

Varas first German settlement on the Llanquihue Lake

Saw llamas (said yammas) and alpacas across from the volcano

Chile is over 4000 kms in length.

In 2015…. Kalbulco blew. Closing the airport for 2 months and affected tourism between Argentina and Chile. It takes 4 buses and 3 boats to go over Andes from Argentina was stopped for 8 months from the ash.

At the Petrohue Falls … beautiful with volcano in background.

Herb tea is part of daily life.

$1800-3000/ month for a teacher

420$/month is minimum wage

$480,000 for regular 3 bed, 2 bath home but some are worth over 1M

There are 2000 volcanos in Andes plus 2000 along coast. In 1960 there was an earthquake of 9.8 on old Richter scale. The resulting tsunami went all way to Australia.

This such a beautiful area that everyone we talked with said they would love to come back here….that there wasn’t enough time here.

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