Pictures from Puerto Chacabuco March 7/19

A little too choppy in the pool for swimming!

Finally calm in the fiords

Roasting lamb

Looks and acts like a variety of bamboo but isn’t…. it isn’t hollow!

Fushia Magellanic …. now the name makes sense….. grows wild everywhere

Arrayan tree….. bark much like our arbutus. Here it grows in the wet

Me at the “Old Man’s Beard” waterfall with 2 rainbows. The spray soaked you. It was spectacular!.

One of the volcanos as seen from the passage

1 thought on “Pictures from Puerto Chacabuco March 7/19

  1. Connie Hucul

    So far I have had a great winter holiday in pctures and the wrotten word! Look forward to the next segment! Great sense if adventure gals!



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