February 3/19….day 9….On the road to Sarapiqui

We stopped at a coffee producers co-op on the way.

The coffee produced in this area is Arabica. Arabica beans are grown at altitudes between 800 and 2000 metres above sea level. It has half the caffeine of other types. And dark roasted coffee has less caffeine because more of the oils are removed by the roasting process. It’s nice that they use no chemicals. It takes a picker (all by hand) an hour and 20 minutes to pick a 12 kilo basket for which they make $2US. For that they sell a 46 kilo bag for 300$ after it’s all been processed.

While there I spotted a Blue-grey tanager …beautiful!

We stopped a little while later where our transportation changed to a tractor pulling a trailer cart. While waiting to have our luggage moved, we got to walk around when I spotted a Passerini tanager…with quite a wide red stripe down its back.

Enroute we passed by free housing for poor people. All have satellite tv and cable and wifi.

We also saw a white-fronted parrot along the way. Also I saw for the first time ever….howler monkeys. For your information they have extremely large white testicles (shows up very well in contrast to their very black bodies). They show their testies (with their legs spread apart) to show that they are the alpha male.

This portion of the trip today was about 2 hours long on the bumpiest road ever. The accommodations…well…..a “lodge” in the middle of absolutely nowhere, beds encased with mosquito nets, great huge covered deck overlooking a lovely garden and river beyond. It was very rustic to say the least. Linda described it as going to a cabin in the bush that was built in the fifties. After dinner we all went for a walk around the property looking for wildlife. We managed to see a number of frogs, one toad , a praying mantas and a vine snake that as so very long and skinny….but my camera ran out of battery. No matter …the bugs were incredible! They were absolutely awful ….flying in your face constantly! Yuck! I called it quits!

1 thought on “February 3/19….day 9….On the road to Sarapiqui

  1. sueswings

    You could really use the hat with the mosquito net. I have one but half the time never think to take it with me. Love your blog and sounds like you are creating awesome memories. We had a smidgeon of snow in New Westminster an hour ago and expecting a windstorm to hit any moment. Enjoy those beautiful temperatures. Hugs, Susan



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