Day 4- January 29/19…leaving Quepos

7-8 cu metres rain per year in Tortuguero as opposed to in Guanacaste had only about 2 cu. metres…. but in 4 months.

There were over 400,000 Indigenous peoples before Europeans came but that number

dropped to 40,000 within 30 yrs

70% Europeans died too because of climate & diseases

The greater the middle class the more stable the government …. happened here because of blending of population earlier than in other countries

Costa Rica gained independence in 1821.

There were 5 original Central American countries (Guatemala, Nicaragua, San Salvador, Honduras & Costa Rica … there are 7 (Belize … formerly British Honduras & Panama were added).

Taxes on coffee brought theatres and culture to C. R.

SAN Jose 3rd city in the world to have electricity after Paris and New York.

Bananas became equal importance export to coffee after the railway was built.

Macaws largest parrots in world

It has 6% of diversity of world

Main income producers are 1-Service-Tourism, 2-Agricultural-pineapple, 3-Industrial-medical equipment (Intel was first)

We see Crocodiles where we have a stop. Main differences between Crocs and Alligators ….,Crocs lay with throat on ground and open their jaw upwards (Gators lift necks and drop their jaws), they have 2 ridges down their backs as opposed to 1. They can live in fresh, brackish and sea water (Gators only fresh water)

Punta Arenas is main port on Pacific coast but very small…2 slips for imports (predominately vehicles from Asia) plus one nearer the city bfor cruise ships.

Trees change to deciduous as we turn off the main highway (Pan American Hwy).

1948 year CR abolished the military.

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