More on Mumbai and Elephanta Caves-nov.12-13/17

Guess what came last night…  MY IPAD’!!  So….I’m sending the stuff that I had on it that was not sent out using my phone.  There maybe some repeats so pls fogrgive me that.
Security is very stringent…pain in the butt actually, since an attack by Pakistanis about 10 years ago. 
140 steps up to caves

1 hour on boat to get there.

Oh yes….forgot that they drive on the “wrong” side like in England

There are to be no pictures of military installations, for example aircraft carriers on way to Caves. We rode on a boat that travels about 7 miles an hour……questionable safety …would never pass inspection in Canada.

In the 1500’s, a 7 by 13 ft rock elephant was found by Portuguese so they named the island Elephanta.

Temple is “monolith rock cut cave” as opposed to a natural cave. It was first excavation by Hindus. It is “Shiva” god temple.
Day number 2 Mumbai
 Mumbai…name means mother + bay

There are 7 islands 650 sq miles & 20 million people

Honking is one of the languages……lol!

There is a lunch program where 500 delivery people deliver 200,000 lunches daily from home….on bicycles….done with no computers with almost zero mistakes……some ridiculous number like 1 in 2-3 million.

Kolaba causeway…shopping area

Tata built Taj Mahal Hotel in 1903 after British had another that didn’t allow “Indians and dogs”. Banyan tree symbol if India. You see trees, particularly Banyan trees, painted couple of different colours. One reason is it has pesticides in the paint to prevent against insects, to indicate local govt is responsible for it and is that it is protected and the white to reflect vehicle lights at night.

Cricket is also a!

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