Dec. 26 & 27-The trip home and some final thoughts

After waking up early but not to an alarm clock, we had a leisurely breakfast, we took lots of time to pack up…. stressing whether we could get all our stuff in without going overweight. After, we just hung around the lodge until our ride came to take us to the airport. Priority boarding is awesome. Walking poles work wonders. We take off at 6:35pm …. from the runway, only ten minutes after posted departures time…. that must be German time cuz it sure as heck is not South African time…. lol.

Between the time we left the ground in Cape Town until touchdown in Victoria, it was supposed to have been over 38 hours but turned into 42. That’s not including the hours that we were up and the time to collect our bags on arrival and get home. Do you think it was any wonder we wanted to do as much as we could while there??? But…. I would love to see more of the wild animals ….and the beautiful country that South Africa is and share it all with my grandkids …. at some time when they can appreciate it.

Some last thoughts I’d like to share…. this country has so many natural resources, so many natural wonders, breathtaking beauty, incredible animals that the country is trying desperately to protect and are way ahead of most other countries when it comes to protecting and conserving their water supply (they have been in a severe drought for a number of years already. They only seem to have low flush toilets, taps that automatically shut off and they expect people to save the cold water when taking a shower before it gets warm for example & and many other initiatives. By the way, I only ever saw one non-western style toilet). All this yet there is so much money spent on security in the form of guards and razor wire or electrically charged wiring atop solid fences. Entries are locked at all times. You have to have a key or get buzzed in. People will walk on the street during daylight hours but never, never walk at night even if there are several people. It’s a pity to not be able to take a stroll in the cool of the evening after being out for dinner. Taxis have a very lucrative business let me tell you. What shame! What a shame! Will it ever change? I do hope so.

That’s the end of my story for this trip. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

2 thoughts on “Dec. 26 & 27-The trip home and some final thoughts

  1. Carol hahmann

    Great job, Gail! A lot of time and effort writing this adventure up! ( especially tired at end of day from all the activity!)
    Was fun getting to have a look at what u were up to, thanks!



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