Cape Town, ZA December 6-8/17

I took the hop on hop off bus while Jeanette stayed back at the hotel to try and recover before we start our safari tour. Certainly wouldn’t want her coughing while trying to see the elusive big five.

First noted landmark….Green Point Lighthouse.

The opening of the Suez and the political climate more or less killed economy and its place in the world. V&A (Victoria & Alfred)Waterfront started being built in 1990’s… rejuvenated Cape Town.

30,000 cyclists here in March for the Cape Town Cycle Tour… 109 km. annual completion .

In 1795 British took CT from the Dutch so most people speak English here.

What was the old grain silos is now the “Arts Centre”

Rump of Lions Head part of Signal Hill….. where the hang gliders take off from.

Highest water restrictions anywhere…2 minute showers only and asked to save the cold water from start …. in a bucket to be used later on plants.

Convention centre built in 2003 has also brought more life to CT.

Originally to be a penal colony.

Civic centre government etc. building on left,

On right used to be beaches now in the middle of the city.

Bo Kaap area is where the slaves moved to after being freed. Also called the Malay Quarter but were actually E. Indians. Means Upper Cape… back drop of table mountain

Because they were denied to wear coloured clothing, when freed they coloured their houses bright colours

“12 Apostles” is actually 17 buttresses….. on back of Table mountain.

The ocean water is actually colder in the summer than winter because of winds and currents

Clifton beach least windy so most expensive. Originally the government paid people to move out there….. cuz it was “too far out”. It probably would take 15 minutes with light traffic.

Bantry Bay …. most homes have their own pools cuz you can’t swim in ocean….. too rocky for one.

Some funicular tracts built for taking groceries up to houses built on the side of the hills….. it’s very steep. Also on the water side you only see street level parking lots…. actually built on top of condos that go down to the shore below 10-12 stories. Law states buildings cannot be built above the road level because it would block the view.

Some authorities say that Sea Point is in a wind-free zone???? Not ! First kind of trees (can’t remember names) lean toward the land while further toward town the pines get the winds bouncing of the buildings so lean out to the sea. Odd!!!

What an absolutely spectacular city and surrounding area! What a shame that every building has razor wire & other sharp things on the top of fortress like fences or walls. …. none of which are offensive looking. Even at our boutique hotel, the front entrance is locked and so you have to ring the buzzer get in. Everywhere there is a security guard or the place is wired for security. And at night…. taxi to return anywhere after dark.

Apparently the temperature since we have been here, has been probably 10C more than usual. ….. 36C yesterday. Too hot to really even do or go anywhere….. just zaps your energy. Consequently we spent a lot of time in the pool.

Today the 8th, we are off to get our flight to Johannesburg.

1 thought on “Cape Town, ZA December 6-8/17

  1. Chris

    Hi Gail, I’m glad to hear that you had a good time in Cape Town. Did you go to the top to Table Mountain. The view from up there is spectacular. I walked to the base to Lion Mountain but didn’t climb up, it was too steep for me with a video camera. We will have to compare notes when you are back. You are right, the locals don’t go out at night so neither did Clark and I. When in Rome do as the romans do I always say. Chris



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