Last couple of days of our cruise to Cape Town….Dec. 3-6/17

It has been a wonderful trip on the whole. The last couple of days since leaving Durban, we have been having to deal with the “motion in the ocean”. It is the best to sleep with. Actually Jeanette thinks she should get a stimulator…. I mean simulator…. she’s been sleeping so well. Walking is a totally different matter although it isn’t nearly as bad as when we were off St Tropez.

Time was spent saying our good-byes to fellow passengers, wonderful staff and the entertainment guys and gals, wishing everyone safe travels etc. Now we are laying by the pool of our “lodge” in Cape Town. The pool is a lot cooler than the ocean water we had aboard the ship but very refreshing…’s possibly going to 32C today. The humidity isn’t an issue here …..apparently but it is still stinking hot. We are still waiting on our room so that we can go out and explore. This lodge is so lovely & quaint…. very Italianisque…… sweet!

So far what we have seen of Cape Town is absolutely spectacular. Nothing like seeing it in person!!!. The ride coming into the harbour was a little dicey especially considering the entrance is like 150 feet wide and it was blowing like hell. The city seems to be spotless. There is about a 34% unemployment/homeless rate in Cape Town so they give the unemployed a bag to collect garbage. They are paid when they turn them in. Maybe we should do that with some of our homeless.

OMG we just heard that it is going to 38C tomorrow. Not sure how we are going to handle that. Didn’t do too well today. We never left the hotel pool and room today. Doesn’t help if you aren’t feeling well. I’m coughing a bit but Jeanette is really, really quite sick!!! I do hope she gets over it soon or maybe they won’t let her on the safari.

We walked to a restaurant about 15 minutes away … for dinner tonight but the guy at the lodge insisted that we get a taxi (Uber) back… 21Rand (about 2CAD). A little paranoid but maybe with good reason. It’s such a shame cuz this city is so spectacularly beautiful and appears peaceful…. in daylight anyway. .

1 thought on “Last couple of days of our cruise to Cape Town….Dec. 3-6/17

  1. Sylvia Pemberton

    Your trip has been full of adventure and memorable sights that will stay with you forever. How very fortunate you are my friend!



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