Katakalon, Greece ……Wednesday the 4th of October

This day was for me and a another few gals, was a relaxing day just wandering “the”street in this little town that is the port for the ancient location of Olympia.  Amazing that this extremely small town, had a dock (we were the only ship) whereas, Santorini that had 5 ships in port, did not.  We all had to anchor and tender in there…..not that it was a slow process.

I’m telling you I did nothing….no shopping at all cuz when I went to purchase something, I realized for the second day in a row, I had forgotten my money.  We did stop at a restaurant where the owner ran out to greet us implying that we were old friends that had finally returned to Katakalon).  I did manage to borrow a few €uros.  We had olives (which I dislike immensely), feta cheese (bread too) and Oozo, that liquorice tasting alcohol that is apparently wine flavoured with anise.  My……it is waaaay stronger than any wine I have ever tasted.

It is quite a long stay before leaving……until 7.  We only have to go as far as Corfu.  Not all that far.

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