Corfu also know as Kerkyra…..Thursday October 5/16

Paleokastritsa  and Caves Expedition.  Our tour will be about 4 hours. 

Marilyn and Diane are with me today.  Linda went to the Palaces of Corfu.

 There are two ships in port today…, the OceaniaRiviera and Costa Riviera….same names. What are the chances of that???  Greece is 51,000 sq. miles.  Corfu is the 5th largest island in the Med.   It is the most northerly and westerly of the Greek Islands. It is very well treed, unlike most of Greece that is barren…roads are not wide but well cared for.

80% of  Greece is covered by mountains.  Greece has the longest coastline in the world   1500 islands but only 400 are inhabited. Corfu is 60 by 40 kms.  We go from sea level to Bellavista …the mountain being 3000 ft high.  We drove through the village of Lakones….where there is the traffic light (I remember that from last time) cuz the street is max 3 metres wide and wanders….not in a straight line.  OMG!  You have to give these drivers credit let me tell you.

Oozo is  40% alcohol or 80 proof.   

The strait that seperates Corfu and Albania is only 1 nautical mile at its narrowest point….where a lot of people escaped the communist regime of Albania.

That concludes your geography leason for the day.  There was a great deal mentioned but it becomes a little tedious and difficult when you are trying to take pictures, enjoy the places you are visiting not to mention if you want to visit with your seat mate.

First we drove through Corfutown…..clean, neat and seemingly well cared for.  From there we went to the  6 bays of Paleokastritsa.  It is in the shape of a cloverleaf.  We explored the rugged shoreline by boat including sailing into some of these caves.   They are not very deep but very beautiful. There were lots little fish in the clear turquoise water.  After coming back to where we caught the boat, we had about 40 minutes of swimming in the clearest water you can ever imagine….so unlike our waters at home.  Then back onto the bus to drive up the mountain….switchbacks galore on this humongous bus which was almost running out of room on the corners before turning.  We arrived at the Bellavista for absolutely spectacular views of the bays of Paleokastritsa from where we had just come…..and Greek snacks and a choice of wines or oozo……  It is a wonderful place to visit.  I probably said the same thing the last time I was here in 2011.  I would love to come back here and stay for an extended period.  Yes I would recommend it.

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