HaLong Bay Feb. 22/16

It is quite foggy this morning. We will see how much we get to see. Today we are on a tour of the countryside and Zen Buddhism …. High in the mountains???                 Sometimes in the summer the temperature goes to 42…… hot! Today not sure.               Tourism only developed since 1993.                   Haiphong seaport for the biggest containers ships in north.                                HaLong (means descending dragon) Bay renamed in 1994.         Only 300,000 population.              Coal mining used to be pretty much only industry before tourism.            Close to city.            Open pit mining.             Bai Chay is name of tourist side of city. Hong Gai name of main part of the city and original name of the city. …. Right side when looking from the sea.           Had to cross the beautifully lit bridge (at night).                                       30 ppl killed ever day in Vietnam. Regulation is to wear helmets on motorbikes but most don’t wear them.                           Winter is 4 months of dry season.                Street is cleaned twice a day so most just throw garbage on the street.                   Water tanks on roof and under the house                             Only 3 hours to the Chinese border from HaLong Bay but 4 hours to Hanoi.                          73% are Buddhist …most of rest are Catholic.                        11 million tons coal mined per year here.                 65 % hydro power now, 30% coal for power.                  A lot of time in summer they don’t have any power……is shut down.                                                                                                                                              Monastery only nuns …. 100 at this one. Beautiful temple….. up the side of the hill….. in the clouds. All nuns and monks have to shave their heads. Most wear brown robes. Yellow robes indicate a master.                   At farm on the way back . Grows eucalyptus, acacia, bamboo, livestock,rice and village leader so gets stipend … Mid income earner.       Every weekend the family come home… it’s a big celebration.                 $400 per kg. can be made for harvesting sea worms.                      Peach blossoms blooming now make great money for it branches.          6 different tones to the language so if you want to learn the language, you had better get it right.

1 thought on “HaLong Bay Feb. 22/16

  1. Rae

    very strange gail, I wasn’t able to make a comment on your latest blog, said couldn’t find it, so I came here, I would love to see the video when you get home. it all sounds amazing. hugs



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