Day at Sea Feb 19..thenArrived Near Chan May…Feb.20

February 19/1624 C …. Nice but choppy still. 


Chan May…. The weather is cloudy with a bit of drizzle. After catching the shuttle into Lang Co, an almost deserted beach resort, we got a taxi for US$80 to take us into Hoi An and back. Thought that was pretty good.  We had tried to book a tour through the ship but they were all sold out. On our way, we went through a 7 km long tunnel “Hai Van” engineered by American, Canadian and Japan…..built 10yrs ago. 

DaNang is very nice….. Beautiful actually. Stopped at China Beach on way back from Hoi An and walked in the waves. It was quite cool. The weather really isn’t hot at all today…… I heard 15C. On the way south we stopped at Marble Mountain. I bought a Buddha. I’ve always wanted one since seeing the one my grandmother had. Hers was jade…..this one is marble. Went to silk factory when we arrived in Hoi An, where they were selling clothing, table runners and pictures that were hand embroidered. OMG, the pictures were they gorgeous….. works of art! The price was too so we did not purchase anything there…..a fact that I now regret.  Then we shopped the street market where the poor people shop.

Pretty much everywhere we have been in SEAsia, it has been absolutely flat with a lot of it flooded…. Of course for the cultivation of rice but today the area is very mountainous…. and shrouded in clouds. 

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