Cyprus, June 8/15

Limassol, Cyprus… In south of Cyprus 9:30 and its already 26 C. Janet, Joyce, Marion, Jeanette and myself are going to Pafos as well as another place today. I notice that Janus is on the dock. Janus is the resident artist’s interpretation of something or other I think a God. It shows up in different places every day.   They drive on the left here because the British influence who were here until 1960 when the country gained independence. Traveling to a plantation, passed british military base to birth place of Aphrodite and then to Pafos, the home to Dionysus. There is castle here built in 13th century by the Crusaders. We visit the Tombs of the Kings (it looks like houses of that period).   One can ski on Cyprus from Jan. to March. 180,000 live in Limassol.  It is the main port. Carnivale, is the 2nd largest in world after Brazil.. Greek Orthodox Christians live in the south, Turks in north where Muslims live. Inhabitants from the Greek side need passports to go to Turkish side.   It is called the Island of cats…stray cats were introduced to get rid of snakes. Citrus trees grow in previous swamps as in Israel. Commandaria name of sweet dessert wine that they make here. Ancient city built by Greeks to island of Aphrodite. In 12 century BC. In Greek, hypocrisy….named for masks of actors, athlete means hard work and gymnastics means nude……all makes sense huh? 340 days of sunshine a year. Eucalyptus and acacia trees were brought by British. After giving independence, the Brits kept the base. Before Brits were the Ottomans…… for 300 years. Cyprus means copper. Total population is 800,000. The Turks in the south lost their homes when all the Turkish Cypriots moved to north. In 1974, 200,000 Greeks were chased out of the North by the Turks ……to the south. Nicosia is divided city. Petra Tou Romoui …. Alektora….Home of Aphrodite comes from name of foam. Volcano god (Vulcan) married Aphrodite (means love) but the love of her life was Adonis. Pafos will be the “Cultural City of Europe in 2017 by UNESCO. In 9000 BC peoples came from Caanan to Cyprus.  From first century BC to 3rd. century AD, narcissus Mosaics in house of Dionysus Tomb of kings from 3bc to 3 ad Scarfogus Doric columns+ tri..,. I have someone following my blog by the name of gramma2010. Would you please let me know who you are? So many pictures of Cyprus are on my phone 

Aphrodites Rock

Jeanette, Joyce, Janet & Marion

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