Off on my latest journey to Rome and the

   Mediterranean.  Here I am waiting at the airport in Victoria with Pamela, Marion and Joyce.  Gerry, Margrit, Janet and Jean have already on their way to Vancouver.  Pam’s mom and Jim are coming from Nova Scotia, my roommate Jeanette is coming from New York and one of our travel buddies Sherry couldn’t make it.  I am sooooo excited!!!

I will post more later as it happens. 


6 thoughts on “Off on my latest journey to Rome and the

  1. Chris Truden

    Hi Gail, I just got home myself and have lots to tell you about the trip but will do it over the phone when you get back. You are looking just great! Big hugs Chris


  2. Rae Holmes

    You look beautiful girl, sorry to have missed you before I left. Have a fabulous time. Can’t wait to see the new pic’s. Big hugs



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