The last couple of days of my Amazon Cruise.

Sorry that I didn’t complete this at the time.  No excuse!  I just didn’t get around to it.  I thought I had better get on it now since I will be leaving again…..for Rome and a very exciting cruise in the Mediterranean, this weekend.

The last two ports were Nassau, the place I had loved so much when I had gone in 1969 and 70, and Miami.  OMG, that was so long ago.  I was really quite disappointed for sure.  It was brutally hot and humid and there was I think, 4 ships with passengers numbering well over 4000 each and a couple that had 650+…..and that wasn’t counting their crews. Too many for one place like Nassau.  It really isn’t a very big place.  The residents that were connected to the tourist trade, were out in full force, hawking tours and jewels.  It was overwhelming.  And I didn’t get the opportunity to do the one thing I wanted to do while there…..go snorkeling.  That experience or lack of, made me realize that if I wanted to do something in particular, that I had better pre-book it.  So I didn’t get to see anything except the downtown area.  I will say though, that the colour of the water there is like no other place.  OMG it is gorgeous!  Turquoise leaning toward green.

One of the ships in port was a NCL.  Huge …….with huge water-slides and Jungle Jim playground that hung out over the edge, on the top.  Do you think there was kids on that ship???  Our ship on the other hand, had NO children on it.  One other thing of note was on ours, the passengers were more physically active and not grossly overweight like I had seen in other cruises I have been on.

Next stop was Miami.  Since we had a few hours to kill before boarding our flight home, several of us did a hop on, hop off of Miami that included Coral Gables, Little Havana (which was nothing remarkable other than a open air place where the “natives” play dominos), the Miami City Hall (its a preserved Art Deco building) and the yacht club beside it.  We did not go by the beach area.  Not very exciting.  And it was cold……like 58 F.  Brrrrr on the top of the open-air bus.

Then it was the flight home….yuk!  I don’t mind flying.  I just wished it didn’t take so long.  So now I will be off on another adventure this weekend.  Yahoo!!!

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