My family vacation on Mayan Riviera continued…..

Again, I apologize for not posting until now.  I have been unable to post due to no wifi available to me at the resort and that I have been so very busy since being back.

Today, Thursday, January 8th/15, on our way to Xel-Ha. 7:50am….. Right on time only 10 minutes late. That is very good even by Canadian standards ….. lol.   It is the first day that was cloudy.
First stop…. Barcelo Maya Palace…. The only place in this entire complex that you can visit but have to pay…. In other words… A step up…. Not all-inclusive.

It was a great day although Brandon and Beckett did not come.  B is just too young. Dayton, Dianne and myself went on the “Zip-bikes”. They are bicycles that you peddle on …. using zip lines. Colleen and Jax floated down the River in inner tubes. D,D & I did the same after the zip-bikes. It was very cool floating through the mangrove jungle. Actually after getting through that part, it was quite hard to get anywhere cuz the wind was blowing us back the way we came so we really had to kick hard and for a long time. We all sore legs from all the kicking. We had lunch after our hard work (food and drink was all inclusive here too). Then we went snorkeling. Jaxon would not snorkel so poor Colleen swam with him on her back. The tropical fish were good although not as plentiful or was there as many varieties as I have seen in the past. From there we went in search of the cenotes. We swam in the one that we were allowed too and Jaxon actually swam on his own….. although with flippers. Good for him!!

Our last night here, we went for dinner at the Kyoto (Japanese). We all agreed it was the best food we’ve had and the entertainment value was fabulous. Beckett was so thrilled he clapped and clapped…. So happy. And we found some really great wine….. for a price.

I am made aware every time that I go anywhere, that it is a small world.  This time it was on the last day after checking out of the resort.  We had been “around” these people for a week including on the flight in.  Like us, they were three generations.  I looked at the gal that was my age in the lobby and said to her, “I think I know you.  What’s your name?  When she said he first name I knew. We had gone to school together since elementary school, in Campbell River.  Her name, in case you grew up with me, was Jolanda van Reewyk.

We all landed back in Victoria about 10:30 tonight….crashed I should say. It was the absolute worst landing I have ever experienced. My daughter-in-law Colleen, left the aircraft in a wheelchair. Others had their duty-free liquor smashed from that landing. The children that had been crying just before landing, immediately stopped. The pilot should be ashamed of that landing. What a way to end a beautiful week with my family!!!! I am sad for the pain Colleen is going through I am so angry at AirTransat and Enerjet. They will be hearing from us and I don’t know how many others.

I have not seen Colleen, Brandon and kids since Sunday when I went to check in on them.  Colleen is able to hobble around now.  She also went to the doctor about her back.  I think she will be okay although may need some physio.  Now that whole family is down with the flu (vomiting, etc……yuk!).  I think I will stay away for a bit.

Next journey….I leave on Saturday for Puerto Vallarta and Rincon de Guayabitos.

2 thoughts on “My family vacation on Mayan Riviera continued…..

  1. PamelaTravelBlog

    Hi there, sorry to hear about the landing … Awful! The family time is so precious and I am thrilled to read about how special that is to you and I can almost hear you telling the stories of excitement coming from grandkids. I so love being a gramma! Thanks again for sharing your life through your blog. Many hugs, see you soon my friend and we shall be blogging together in March!



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