Wednesday Nov. 26/14

Left Cedar City about 7:30 after having breaky, got gas and headed out towards Vegas. Not a cloud in the sky…. But -3C. Got capris on with sunglasses ready to put on. Woohoo!!!  The closer we get to Vegas the lower the temp. But…
3C and rising at turnoff to Hurricane and Zion and the sunglasses are on.
Starting to see red rock in the hills.  Beautiful views through Virgin River Canyon south of St. George.  Stopped into Mesquite for pit stop and picked up a 12 pk of Chelatas for $12.96. About 1/2 the price that it is at home.
17C at Searchlight. Getting warmer all the time. Oh shit it just went up another 2 degrees.
22C at Needles. 24C at Blythe. Arrived at Wellton about 4pm in 26 degree weather. Put some stuff away, cleaned up some of the sand that had infiltrated the park model belonging to Lou. She  turned on the power, water, put the golf cart on a charge and did all those other things that have to be rehooked up. We had a little help from our 2 favourite old guys… Bud and John, then went for burgers and wine at John’s place.  I’m bagged. Going to bed. We cannot post cuz we don’t have Internet until Dec. 3rd unless we go to someone’s place that has it. Sorry.   Ps. Linda the trains have not stopped running.

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