Tuesday November 25th Helena to Cedar City

Left Helena MT at 7:30. They are expecting 8-10 inches later tonight. Little skiffs of snow as we left. But is now 1C and slushy. An hour down the road it is almost whiteout. Not going to make very good time today. Down to 70-90 kms/ hr. Thank goodness to clear roads south of Butte. Oops spoke too soon.
2 hours south of Helena it’s no more snow, except on them thar hills and the sun is almost out and we are back up to 120kms. Yes!!!  I wonder how far we will make it today?  Had to get the sunglasses out at Dillon…..and they came off again. Pretty much the rest of the drive south of Salt Lake though was clear with blue skies….just in time for the sun to go down.  Tomorrow, we can tell,….it will be capris and sandal although it is friggin’ freezing right now.  Stopped for the night at Cedar City at about 6:45.MST.

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