April 24/23….Chiang Rai to Chiang Mae and Bangkok

First stop…the Blue Temple “Wat Rong Seur Ten”- is painted blue cuz the artist got the idea from churches of Europe. Its meaning is to show the “kindness” of God and all things of world. He was student of the artist that did the White Temple. This temple had been abandoned. He only decorated and painted it but he did created the outside structures. The village of Rong Suea Ten meaning “canal tiger jump over” where this temple is located was basically abandon because of exactly that…tigers jumped over the canal.

Japanese rice growing in field… is shorter than Thai rice which grows to a metre and half high. Japanese rice is grown for making sushi.

Next on the agenda is the White Temple (Wat Rong Kuhn)… student of the “Grand Master”… is all white to show the “purity” of BUDDHA. It was started 10-15 ears before COVID. Built by a national Thai artist. ChalermChai. OMG! Brought tears to my eyes. Also went into the gallery to see other works of art by this man. No pictures allowed. Such an amazing artist….some wood carving pictures that looked like paintings. Also he must have been a bit of a satirist cuz some pictures were of Osama holding George W around the waist as the two ride a bomb/rocket. I took away too many pictures of this amazing temple and grounds, than I will send separately.

Sankampaeng Hot Springs…. Beautiful and shaded with steam coming out as well a couple of small geysers. Temperature of the water according to Joe is 90 C (but the sign says 105) so what did I do but stick my fingers in…… very briefly. Yup it was f..n hot!!! And stink…. Pee 😷 from the sulphur!!! A ways away from the source you could soak your feet in it. It was only 40-45C. It only makes sense that the closer you are to the source the higher the temp….45-55. Much closer the signs warn you that the water is “Hot”. No kidding!

On the way to the airport for our flight to Bangkok, we stopped at a silk factory and a silversmith’s shop. Some very nice stuff but I resisted. For one thing I might mention especially to the gals that travelled with me to India a few years back, India’s prices are definitely more reasonable..

Joe delivered us to the airport in plenty of time for the flight to Bangkok. If anyone is planning on travelling to northern Thailand, I would totally recommend “Go with Joe” as a guide whether it’s touring most of the north like we did or day trips out of Chiang Mai and some of the other northern cities, especially if you don’t want to feel like cattle being herded. There was just the two of us and him in a private car. Besides that he also looks after all entrance fees, lunches and very nice hotels that include breakfasts. The only thing you have to pay out of pocket for is whatever you want to drink and dinners.

We arrived back at our lovely hotel “Park Nine” in Bangkok in time to grab something to eat and drink in the air conditioned bar. Again it is crazy hot outside….you just can’t imagine it 😓💦 !!! Off to bed …..no pool tonight.

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