April 14&15-Bangkok to Phuket

Nothing new the morning we left but the air pollution in Bangkok is just horrendous. It is not surprising as even though their highways are extensive with so many driving cars, it takes forever to get anywhere because you have to take upturn bridges that are very far apart…. just to get to the other side. I checked the numbers on Google. Bangkok had “156” to Vancouver’s “4” air pollution ratings.

We arrived in Phuket, a short 1 hour 20 minute flight away. This flight we had to pay for luggage…. 1200 baht…. close to $50 which is probably about the same price as the flight….. just guessing cuz flight was included. Our hotel Cassia Phuket by Banyantree is in the Laguna area..shuttle or boat to beach for free. Taxi to town…50 baht

35 C plus humidity. The sea temp is about 25 C with no jellyfish and no sharks.

Tin used to be main source of income ….now it’s tourism, fishing (lobster and tiger prawn), then rubber

Phi Phi is island of 500 sq kms. We will be going there on 16th. Our other tour to James Bond Island was cancelled because there weren’t the minimum of 6. This tour company never told us that they had to have the min. of 6 to go. This is the 3rd tour cancelled by them. Lovely hotels but ….. It’s very annoying.

1M population in Phuket.

Our hotel is Cassia Phuket by BanyanTree. Lovely grounds, infinity pools, situated on one of the lagoons with shuttle boat to the beach Our room is a suite which is quite “cute”. By that I mean very small. The only thing is “THE” main colour is bright yellow and the paintings on the walls and in the elevator remind me of a “Carnival Cruiseline” ship…..kinda tacky!!!

Today the temp was supposed to feel like 43C but it really was quite pleasant down at the beach…. beautiful or “perfect” as one of the many Russians said.

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  1. Vivien

    Glad you get to go to the Phi Phi Islands, beauty full. Too bad about the cancelled tours, will you get a credit or..?
    Last time I was in Phuket there beach was so crowded it was crazy, looks so different. Hope you are feeling better, you look great, and happy. Pic’s r awesome, thanks. 💜

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