April 12- Pattaya to Bangkok

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that there are no nails used in the construction of the Sanctuary of Truth. Everything is held together by interlocking dovetailing.

Sleep like pig means the same as sleep like a log. Monkeys paid with peanuts for picking coconuts. The name of our hotel for last two nights is called Cholchan. “Chol”…means sea, “chan” means moon.

Red licence plate is used for 1 month on new vehicles. Green is one hotels. Garlands for cars being sold at stoplights on streets. Some were marigold is for luck… is mostly Hindu. Jasmine is sign of martyr.

Silk factory and gem stone factory is first stop today.

Mountain side huge Buddha has been lasered into it. It is called Khao Chi Chan. Mountain is 130 meters and the “Buddha” is 109 meters high. 50th anniversary of old king’s ascent to throne in 1996. Inlayed with gold leaf. Mountains are used before for the granite that is used to make cement.

Plumeria flowers if fallen to ground can be eaten but the flowers on the tree are poisonous. Must be careful to not get the sap on your skin.

Thailand food and Buddha is from India. This area (near Khao Chi Chan) has bike lanes but it was not successful in Bangkok because the food vendors kept using the space.

In the rubber plantation there are lots of mosquitoes as well there are cobras so have to wear boots. … work at 2am cuz too hot to work during the day. Yellow flowers on trees…. is called a scrambled egg tree…… Tecoma …magnolia. There are also laburnum trees. Dole pineapple factory here.

BKK, Bangkok’s newest airport (there are 2) had 65 M passengers pass through here before COVID.

Bangkok is Thailand’s 4th capital…since 1787.

Condos can be bought by foreigners but not homes…. only Thai people. Pollution is 2.5 rating. I thought that it was humidity that caused the grey skies.

After arriving at this gorgeous hotel we each had 2 hour massages for 1300 Baht just over $50.

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