Apr 13…Songran-Thai New Years in Bangkok

Lots of flowered shirts. Sinus’ are really bugging me. I’m not sure if it’s pollution or the massage oils from yesterday.

Taxi got lost or we are not sure if that was the plan….260 Baht… about 10 CAD. It took us at least 3/4 hours to get here. Cost of the tour of train and floating market is 1000 Baht or about $40 CAD….. none of it very expensive.

First we race to try to catch the train but the traffic is horrendous with everyone travelling to “go home” for the holiday……made it by taking back streets…”Kiwi” our guide was so stressed that we wouldn’t make it but we did….yeah!!!

From there we went to the floating market. I cannot believe how hot it is.

Interesting that you can buy wine ….only after 5 pm…its the law.

1 thought on “Apr 13…Songran-Thai New Years in Bangkok

  1. Vivien

    Wow!.. what fabulous pictures.! You are having quite an experience, I’ve seen that train on TV and how they move everything at the last minute. Food looks awesome too. Really enjoying your blog, take good care of yourself, hope it’s cooler up north for you. 💜

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