Apr 11-Pattaya

Sanctuary of Truth started in 1981 and is still continuing. They are using teak & other woods from Thailand. It is not a temple but is private but is like a temple. It was started by one man but is now owned by Mercedes Benz foundation. Everyone has to wear a helmet cuz they are still working on it so to protect your head. Also on has to cover your legs and shoulders. It was an OMG moment upon seeing it …. Unbelievable!!! So intricate…. Details!!

Drove by beach in Pattaya and walking street… so many people. As during COVID in Canada and elsewhere, there was no one on the beaches. At that time but now it is coming back.

We have Thai New Year coming on 13-15th… Songran where everyone gets soaked. You have to make sure that cell phones are protected from getting wet. YOU WILL GET WET!.

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