Day 1…Mar 30/23- heading to Asia (Bali and Thailand)

First off the West Jet was late leaving. It was out of their control apparently. Air-traffic control in Vancouver would not allow them to leave YYJ. Oh well, we had hours to sit in YVR. What a bumpy ride, even just taxiing out to take-off! I had never seen a plane with so few passengers…. 27 was all I could see, I’m going to say out of a possible 120???

The walk to international and our gate I’m at YVR….and the Sky Lounge was incredibly long. We had nice chats with few people travelling to Mexico City. First was a couple (she had grown up in M.C. and he had a service dog that was to detect if his epilepsy was about to happen. Amazing! I had never thought of them being used for that purpose). And there was a young lady from Mumbai who had spent a week travelling to Banff with her boyfriend. He had to return to Mumbai for an important meeting so she was continuing on to Mexico City…. by herself! So self confident. Wow!

Our China Air (from Taiwan not mainland China) flight, an A350-900, left the gate…. on time! I have to say that our “Premium Economy” seats were “almost” as comfortable and roomy as “Business”…. but not quite. I will say too that the service was wonderful… (better than any I have ever had from other airlines), the food plentiful and quite good. I don’t know if it’s the model of plane but it was so smooth….again, far better than any other I have experienced. It’s almost like it is gliding. There is almost no sound. I’ve been impressed.

Taipei was rainy although it was supposed to be 19 C. We didn’t see anything but the inside of the airport. We did keep running into a couple (Carol & Chris) from Mill Bay that were heading to Jakarta and another place in Indonesia to snorkel and dive….. their 5th time. I would say they really like it there, do ya think???

This next flight to Bangkok was delayed but I am sure that it is not going to affect anything. On arrival, the city is hazy and 33C. I think my jacket will be coming off. It’s 1:30pm on the 1st of April. We were picked up by the hotel shuttle…..very nice place with a pool. Everyone is so nice, bowing to you every time you meet but the time it took to get a drink….unbelievably long!

It is now April 1

The next morning we were in the lobby at 6 am to get our hotel’s shuttle to the airport for our flight to Bali. Everything went pretty smoothly in the airport although there was huge numbers waiting to get checked in. They say it is definitely recommended to be there at least 3 hours before for international flights which we were. This flight was Thai Airlines…nice colours but not the quality and smoothness of the China Air. We took a cab to the hotel called Swastika Bungalows in Sanur where we were staying. (Strange name to call a hotel). It’s a huge sprawling complex of 2 story buildings that are linked by a zigzag labyrinth of paths through beautiful gardens. We were in number 75 and I know some were well over 110 and I know that because I got lost several times. It had atleast two pools but although the buildings looked good as did the roofs,, it was sorely in need of help. It could be a real posh place.

We met up with our CEO Gede Suka and the rest of the group…18 in all…. 2 more than normal. Again the women outnumbered the guys. There are only 2 guys. we all walked to a restaurant. While there the skies opened up…pouring. It slowed down for the walk home but still got a little wet.

I will add more with pictures later tonight if I have time…..along with what everyone likes to see…..the pictures but right now, I am going to push send.

4 thoughts on “Day 1…Mar 30/23- heading to Asia (Bali and Thailand)

  1. Joyce Bartley

    Hi Gail, so glad to hear you are on another adventure. Enjoy yourselves and stay safe. FYI the A350 plane is one of the newest planes out there, glad to hear they made to so enjoyable. Have Fun!


  2. Vivien

    Thanks for the Air China info, hoping to go to Vietnam & Cambodia some day. What company are you touring with? Waiting for pics. Enjoy!



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