Feb 16/23- travel from Tortuguero to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca & Feb 17 in PV

We left our La Baula Lodge around 9:30 heading back upstream and then onto Puerto Viejo on, as the sign on the boat says, “Public Transport”. It takes approximately 1 hour. Then the hike up from the river bank packing our suitcases and backpacks, to our awaiting bus.

The highway that we are travelling on a the main from Pacific to Caribbean, is constantly packed with transport truck as I mentioned before…. Carrying offloaded freight from one coast to the other to be reloaded on awaiting freighters as a way to avoid the heavy cost of using the Panama Canal. The amount of construction on the highway is absolutely huge. 4 years they have been working in it.

If you think things are cheap here, think again. Lunch for Jax was cheese burger and ginger ale and I had the worst beef sandwich and water (not bottled) totalled 12,400 colones …. translates to $29.47 CAD incl. tax and tip.

We stopped in a place called Moin, for a short break. This place is big for shipping containers for the port of Limon. Limon is also an important cruise ship port. Ship passengers sometime take 2-3 day trip out of here to visit La Fortuna and other places.

Puerto Viejo has a lot of people that originated from Jamaica. They were brought here to work on the railroads and most decided to stay. They have had a big influence on the food and language (combination of Spanish and Jamaican English) of that area. There a large population from China as well. They were also brought to work on the railroads.

The next day we went to the jaguar rescue centre. That was a big disappointment. There were no Jaguars but they did have a good number of rescued animals. It was difficult to take pictures since there was glass between us and them.

After lunch we were to bike riding on the multi-coloured bicycles….pieces robbed from one bike to another…lol! But…..it was a torrential rainstorm. As a matter of fact the power was cut for a while. Anyway…that was cancelled. Too crappy to do anything.

I will be quite happy to leave this place although it does have its charm. The mosquitos are driving us all crazy.


2 thoughts on “Feb 16/23- travel from Tortuguero to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca & Feb 17 in PV

  1. Vivien

    I do remember torrential rainstorms most mid mornings, absolutely black sky, but the sun always came out for tne afternoons. Looks like such a busy tour, lots of beauty full places to explore in CR. Good to hear they are working on the roads. Hope you are having a fabulous time, loving the pics, thanks again for sharing. Hugs 🧜🏻‍♀️

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