Feb 13/23 -Sarapiqui

In the morning bright and early we got up to go bird watching on the property, which incidentally has 31 individual tent cabins. The tents are quite cute and roomie although quite rustic but with individual bathrooms with showers. Jaxon had a tough time getting to sleep with the tropical deluge pounding on the “roof” and howler monkeys howling. The howlers sounded as if right outside the walls although I am sure they weren’t all that close. They are so loud they can be heard for several kilometres.

As with the night before when we did a night walk, my camera or phone were not cooperating so pretty much any pictures are from some others in the group.

Jaxon, Mary and I went white water rafting. It was fun although I would have like a little more adrenaline. At one point where there was a pool that wasn’t running too rapidly, our guide was going to cut open a pineapple for us to enjoy using a very sharp knife. Mary said to him be careful you don’t puncture the raft when he promptly dropped it into the water. Jaxon jumped in but it was too deep him to reach it, then the guide jumped in an retrieved it. I have pictures but not sure how to download cuz it’s a Dropbox file.

Back at the “lodge”, they all went down into an open area and had a bonfire.

Sorry about some of the double pictures.

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