Day 26-Dec 10- to Rotorua

I am looking forward to seeing the bubbling pools of Rotorua. I have (at least I am pretty sure I have) a picture of my dad standing on the sandstone of the pools. He had been touring the South Pacific with a band called the “Americanadians” some time in the 1930’s as young man. It was probably then when he met my half-brother’s mom.

It’s another lovely wet grey day

Some of us are doing the zip line and some are doing white water rafting over a waterfall.

Last night someone spotted glow worms so a few ventured out to see them. They are not worms at all but small maggots of insects. The glow portion is poop that hangs off them. They were found on the side of a dirt slope.

A fart tax is being considered. 400 cows produce more methane than diesel vehicles putting on 25,000 km in week.

Multi cultural experience in Rotorua. They cook the food in an earth oven. Rocks used with quartz found in rivers pick on a dark night it glows. Kai is Māori name for food.

Waiatta… singing.

British Trench warfare was learned from the Māoris.

Drove through Matamata which is where Hobbiton is located.

There certainly is lots of cows and very few sheep. The area is very green, flat with hill that are quite steep….. kinda reminds me of Wales

Mt Telemata has pink and white terraces. Volcanic areas are natural oven & warms a person in the winter. Name of Rotorua means “2 lakes”….. but I think I heard there are 17 lakes. People were taking straight hot water from it but the government has stopped that practice because the geyser had stopped firing.

Largest documented eruption in modern time covered

Sandstone, pumice and soil makes for best conditions for mountain biking in Rotorua

Wakatua… canoe

Hannia… underground oven

Hakka pouri

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