Day 24-Dec 8/22- free day in Auckland

Guess what we did today….. nothing except slept in …..not surprising, eh? The gals got their room changed so we are no longer 4 in a room.

And so it’s another day …..the 3rd in a row, of not really seeing and doing anything. We met up with our new CEO Brett (or Taxi) at 6pm and the new group of 6 (added to our 10)….2 couples, one from Calgary and the other from UK plus 2 single gals.

Just a few pictures of the downtown buildings

7880 steps

1 thought on “Day 24-Dec 8/22- free day in Auckland

  1. Gail

    Hi Gail, I believe you are traveling with GAdventures? If so, this is why I’ve never used them since my tour of southern India. The tour was a bust & the guide was dud. IMO, GAdventures is a lousy, unethical company & cannot hold a candle to Intrepid or even Gate 1. I really very unhappy with the southern India tour (sites, destinations & accom) & the when I contemplated using the voucher they provided because of that lousy experience, GAdventures would not honour it. I hope this leg of your journey improves & you enjoy beautiful NZ.



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