Day 22-Dec 6/22-Sydney hop on,hop off.

This will be most just picture of Sydney and surround area

George St. has more high rises than any other street in the city.


Hyde Park and Anzac memorial to all war dead. And Australian Museum …. Where are to change to city(red)tour…. Later. Next William Street

1974 Coca Cola sign

Kings Cross St. To Victoria St. Then Jewish Museum. Oxford st where gay and lesbian Mardi Gras is held with 200,000 attending. Paddington town hall Centennial park…. Lots of older 3 story buildings

We met Lori and Randy from Orange County CA on the hop on bus and kept running into them. Bondi beach fir lunch and look around

Bondi …means “place of breaking water” in the Aboriginal language . Did you also know that when the white nan came they asked what the name of the kangaroos was. The aborigines replied “I’m don’t understand what your saying” and so the name stuck…. Lol!

Back in bus for rest of tour through area of pretty nice homes. …most exclusives

Hyde park barracks for info obtrusive res sent to Ai.

The Sydney Bridge was also called the Iron Lung bridge because it brought life back to Sydney. It employed 3000 people from 1922-32 and so saved it from a crippling depression.

Rose Bay first international air port in 1932 but today only seaplanes rein out of there.

Double Bay -luxury cars

KingsCross area is the red light district for anything you want to see plus regular nightclubs.

Largest Vertical garden in world

Heritage building residences cannot be torn down

April 25 … Anzac Day… holiday

Maritime museum followed by area of decline then redevelopment huge convention centre

Crown Casino and 5 star hotel… most expensive suite is 25,000/ night


The Rocks …cruise ship centre.. pubs and shops

Anzac bridge with flag on top

April 25 … Anzac Day… holiday

11 ships brought convicts here in 1788. Men, women and children were brought from Britain for very minor offences…. 20% of the population can trace their origins from those convict.

6000 steps….. mostly on a bus. Sorry this is so discombobulated. Not feeling myself.

2 thoughts on “Day 22-Dec 6/22-Sydney hop on,hop off.

  1. gerrywillner

    Hi Gail,  I really enjoyed Sydney.  We started our trip there and spent more time there.  Your trip has been amazing. Sent from my Galaxy



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